Thank You from Cosmapec Supply Chain Management! What the Future Holds.


Last week’s website launch for Cosmapec produced an almost overwhelming response from friends and colleagues around the world. This blog had more than three times the regular number of viewers, our facebook pages saw 298 views in total and although we are still compiling stats on the website usage, we know from the comments we received it has seen a lot of traffic.

So a big, big thanks to everybody who took the time to discover a little about Cosmapec, who we are and what we do. Your comments and messages of support were very much appreciated and we hope you will continue to look us up on a regular basis to check our progress.

This is just the beginning of our journey, and as we begin to work with clients we expect more surprises and changes in direction than is possible to predict right now.  The future of this blog will now change focus a little, and whilst I will continue to share with you our philosophy of how Cosmapec can support our clients needs, I will also be covering where our journey is taking us.  And finally, for us to offer the most up to date service to our clients we will cover the trends in supply chain management that are shaping how the industry continues to improve the value that it offers to the end consumer.

Although the list is not exhaustive, the key trends in supply chain management for the next few months that I will cover are:

  • Strategy, leadership and transformation.
  • Corporate culture and its impact on employees and customers.
  • Economics, and how the rapidly developing world is changing the range of available supply chain solutions, especially ‘off-shoring’ and ‘re-shoring” decisions.
  • Lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and supply chain optimisation.
  • Project management, change management and how to create the roadmap to success. And how to know when its heading for failure.

In next week’s blog I will look at the continuing growth of China and India’s economies, the renaissance of Western manufacturing, and what all this means for supply chain management.  Recent news has indicated that on one measure, China’s GDP is now equivalent to the US.  India is heading into an election where it is widely expected that a business friendly Prime Minister will be elected and rapid economic growth is expected to accelerate.  US manufacturing costs have improved to the point that that they are almost at parity with China and the UK has the lowest cost manufacturing base in western Europe.  All of which means there could be some big strategic changes in the air for supply chain managers.  Check back here for more discussion next week.

Systems Check, Launch Time!

The last 3 months have been an incredibly exciting time as we have put together the launch plans for Cosmapec.  Our new website, the focal point of our marketing efforts for the launch is now online, so I am going to keep this blog post short as I know you will all want to dash off and look at the new arrival!

Please check it out now at   You can use the contact form to send us any comments, which we would love to hear!

The site is designed and managed by Northampton Marketing and a big thanks to Sheila, Mark and George for the care and attention they have expended on this project. The responsive design allows it to be viewed on all devices, is easy to navigate and presents a fresh and professional image to reflect the services we will be offering.

Cosmapec is now open for business and ready to build your success with our experience of supply chain operations in developing markets.

Cosmapec Supply Chain Management – Your success, our experience

Are Your Supply Chain Needs Being Satisfied?

Are you looking to enter new markets, but can’t find people with the right experience you need?   Are long-term overseas assignments just too expensive for you? Or not able to persuade your staff to leave behind friends and family and move overseas?

Getting the right people for a new market entry is the most challenging aspect of the project. Even if you have been able to get the person you want, expatriate assignments have an extremely high failure rate. If these problems sound just too familiar to you, then we may well have the answer to your needs.

On April 8th, we will be launching Cosmapec Supply Chain Management to provide management consulting services to companies entering Asia Pacific and other developing markets. If you check back to this blog on April 8th you can link to our new website where you can see what we can help you with.


We have organized our services around the typical new market entry needs for getting products to the consumer, and for an example here are the Manufacturing services we provide:

“Manufacturing – Development and Operations

Creating and operating a manufacturing base is challenging even in a familiar environment. In a new or developing market, establishing manufacturing operations either as fully-owned manufacturing facilities or through third parties can be a minefield.   We have the experience of establishing manufacturing operations across Asia Pacific and in developing markets in Eastern Europe. Not only do we have the expertise to help you manage manufacturing operations, we can help you design, build and start-up your manufacturing facilities.

  • Manufacturing strategy – make vs. buy
  • Site selection and facility design concept
  • Client-focused construction management
  • Engineering and procurement support
  • Operations start-up
  • Manufacturing optimisation and cost control”


Our services for Planning, Sourcing and Delivering, the remaining elements of supply chain operations are equally comprehensive.

If these sound like the answers to your needs come back here next week for more details.

Are Asia Pacific and Developing Markets Keeping You Awake at Night?

Asia Pacific and other developing markets particularly in Africa and Eastern Europe are widely considered to offer the main future growth opportunities for medium to large businesses.   However these come with risks and issues that are often unfamiliar to the leaders and managers trying to turn them into a functioning business in a new country. Language, customs and culture are the first hurdles, and although they can be initially managed with translators, the need for multi-lingual partners and associates soon becomes essential. Licensing and regulatory requirements can be confusing, access to government officials difficult and legal frameworks opaque. Some markets have rules requiring that joint ventures be established, local manufacture for certain products or have high duties to discourage imports. All of these combine to create a real headache for those tasked with making the key decisions on how to start business in a new market.

And it doesn’t stop there:  Planning product supply, sourcing suppliers and services and manufacturing or distributing products have their own unique challenges in every new market.  And to top it all, executives and managers of growing and expanding companies are already busy without the additional work brought by a new market entry.

So what to do if you are in this position?  The high failure rate of market entries into developing countries demonstrates that not all make the big calls successfully.   Which is where the idea for Cosmapec Supply Chain Management originated.   The Cosmapec founding partners established the company to provide the experience and expertise that companies need to build functioning supply chains into and out of developing markets.  All our partners have experience creating and managing successful developing market supply chains for large blue-chip companies.  We have the global reach to understand our clients needs, and partners with local knowledge to provide the on the ground support to successfully establish their supply chains.

Cosmapec is just a few days away from beginning to market these services. Check back next week for details of the launch activities and more details on how Cosmapec can build your supply chain success from our experience.