Are Your Supply Chain Needs Being Satisfied? – Reloaded

Update April 14th:

On my April 1st blog I promised some more news by April 8th on the launch of Cosmapec Supply Chain Management.  And no, it wasn’t an April fool’s joke, but for a number of reasons I wasn’t able to give further information or news as promised.   However normal blogging business is now resumed and here is the latest update.

Although development of the website is proceeding as planned, after a final review of our overall readiness to launch, we decided we were not.  So we are going to have to ask you to be patient until April 28th when we will be ready.   It was a difficult decision to fall off such an important milestone, but sometimes it is better to re-set rather than proceed with a product that might disappoint.   We are building for the long-term and meeting a self- imposed deadline at the expense of a poor first impression is not in anyone’s best interest.  No clients were impacted by this decision, so this was the right thing to do.

Which brings us back to the needs of our clients.  Despite the inevitable fluctuations in the relative success of each individual economy, developing countries continue to show broad-based growth.  Their populations are young, dynamic and now have many more business opportunities, largely enabled by access to mobile computing and the internet.   These untapped reserves of energy and enthusiasm for the future are where our clients are looking for growth, and this is where we will excel in supporting them.

Check back here next Tuesday for an update on progress.